Community in Schools (CIS)

CIS would love to serve you and your family this year. CIS program is a support program that provides a wide variety of services in person or virtually to students and their families. Our goal is to help your child be successful in school and we do this by offering many services which may include: 

  • providing mentors and/or tutors

  • homework assistance

  • leadership programs and groups

  • social skills/enrichment activities

CISDR is a school-based program and is free to all students.  We would love for your child to participate in this great educational opportunity. Click the link below to our CIS Parent Consent/Release of Information form to get your child involved.

CIS Parent Consent / Release of Information (English)

Consentimiento de los Padres / Divulgación de Información (Espanol) 

 To learn more about CIS program and how we have served in schools click the link:

Referral/recommendation form for CIS