Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which students understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.  

There are five competencies for SEL, according to Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL):

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Management

  • Social Awareness

  • Relationship Skills

  • Responsible Decision-Making

The benefits of SEL guidance include increased academic achievement, improved behavior, and a strong return on investment for students.

Counselors will be utilizing guidance lessons to address SEL topics with students through face-to-face interactions, videos, and other media platforms. Our focus will start with the traits of a FSMS Cub- Character, Respect, Perseverance, and Honesty. Our school will then follow the Year-at-a-glance that was planned based on needs assessments that were completed by students, parents, and staff prior to the beginning of the school year.